1 Day Remaining

Election Day is tomorrow. The date that has dominated conversations and the headlines for over two years is finally upon us. November 3rd, 2020, is a landmark day, no matter which candidates you support to take their respective offices. There is much at stake in this historic presidential election, and this does not seem to be lost on the general population. National Public Radio has published an article that discusses how Americans are on track for historic levels of voter turnout. As of Sunday afternoon, 93 million early ballots have been cast. There have been various concerns as to how the country would be able to conduct an election during a global pandemic, but Americans from every demographic are showing their resilience and determination to make their voices heard, no matter the obstacle. 

While the time for mail-in voting has passed, the ceremony of Election Day itself is not. Millions of Americans will cast their ballots today and tomorrow in person at the polls, or via a drop-off box for mail-in ballots that did not make it to the USPS. Make sure that if you were unable to return a mail-in ballot via the United States Postal Service, that you do not mail in your ballot now. Drop your ballot off in a designated drop-off box. Find out where you can drop yours at https://www.vote.org/dropbox-locator/

If you are voting in person at the polls tomorrow, we hope that you were able to make the necessary arrangements for time off work, transportation, childcare, and other preparations. It is absolutely essential that every American has the same access and ability to exercise their right to vote. We are a diverse nation, and our government should reflect that, and serve the needs of all its citizens, especially when it comes to participating in elections. There is work yet to be done, but it is through our voices and our votes that we will impact change. Let us continue to consider our own position within the system, and work to help those who continue to face barriers to their right to vote. Your voice, and your vote, matter.

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